TransBill is a complete wholesale power billing and invoicing solution that is capable of billing a wide variety of wholesale contracts for both generation and transmission requirements. TransBill is utilized to perform all components of Open Access Transmission Tariffs (OATTs), Purchase Power Agreements (PPAs), Grandfathered Agreements (Power and Transmission legacy contracts), and ISO Transmission Revenue Shadowing amongst other things.

Unlike all too many legacy billing systems in the industry, MCG’s TransBill doesn’t require any IT or developer involvement in order to change even the most complex billing calculations as everything is user definable. Like all other MCG products, TransBill data is incorporated as part of the Hosted Data Services footprint, so the customer will have all their historical billing data alongside all of their operational and meter data in a single enterprise repository.

MCG’s TransBill natively integrates with all of MCG’s other systems, includes Energy Accounting System (EAS), Control Area Scheduler (CAS), and Integrated Asset Manager which hugely simplifies the implementation as all inputs to the billing process (meters, schedules, calculated determinants, etc.), can be received by TransBill through native interfaces to MCG’s other products.


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